About Us

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We’re Nathalie and Charlotte, two life-long friends who co-founded Soyle in order to take a real, positive step towards environmental progress.

The name "Soyle" represents our mission to protect our soils by reducing waste and minimizing environmental harm.

Nathalie |  co-founded Soyle

As the daughter of immigrant entrepreneurs, I’ve always known I would embark on my own entrepreneurial journey one day. And for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with nature and the natural world.

As an adult, that childhood interest has grown into a deep commitment to environmental causes. It’s this passion that drove me to start Soyle, a venture that aligns with some of my deepest-rooted values.

Before launching Soyle, I graduated from college, trained as a professional accountant and dedicated years to working in Montreal’s startup ecosystem, where I was able to hone my managerial skills across various fields including technology, finances, and logistics.

Charlott | co-founded Soyle

Using my background in communications and political science, I’ve spent much of my adult life and career pursuing my deep interest in sustainability and environmental issues.

After graduating from college, I joined the United Nations team, where I led communications efforts for the Caribbean Environmental Programme, an initiative that aims to protect the region’s marine ecosystem. From there, I worked as a communications expert for Les amis de la montagne, an environmental NGO in Montreal. Continuing my journey, I transitioned into journalism at Radio-Canada in Toronto, where one of my roles was hosting a weekly radio segment promoting diverse eco-conscious projects.

We’re Soyle. Nice to meet you.

Our Mission

Together with Canada’s restaurant owners, we’re growing a greener future.