Our Materials

Our packaging isn’t trash

Whether you’re delivering meals or wrapping up leftovers, take-out packaging is a kitchen essential. But it’s also one of the restaurant industry’s most disposed-of items. We’re working to keep take-out packaging out of landfills. All our products are made from sustainable materials that are designed to be recycled or composted rather than thrown in the trash.

We don’t want to say “dirt cheap” but…

Soyle offers premium packaging without the premium mark-up. From Kraft paper to recyclable plastics, we provide sustainable packaging solutions to fit any budget.

Our eco-friendly materials

We’re working on providing packaging made from the best recyclable and compostable materials out there. While our offering isn’t perfect (yet), our packaging has a lower environmental impact than single-use plastics.

About Our Materials

To be 100% transparent… 

There’s no such thing as 100% sustainable packaging. But ours is the next best thing.

While we use terms like “sustainable” and “eco-friendly” to describe our packaging, we also recognize that our offering will never be perfect, despite our best efforts. The sad truth is that take-out packaging, by its single-use nature, will always be somewhat wasteful. And even though our products are recyclable and compostable, their effectiveness essentially depends on how we use them, and bad behaviour can wipe out all our efforts.

With all that in mind, we’re working to provide restaurateurs with the best options currently on the market, as well as the resources required for optimal use. Take-out packaging might never be fully sustainable. But we’re proud to be second best.